Massachusetts is in it for the long haul!

Smart Energy Resources for the Commercial Industry!

“The industry Is not opposed to electrification, but so many hurdles and challenges exist that seem to be ignored. The industry is very supportive of environmental initiatives, but a practical approach which encompasses realistic timeframes is a must.”

Kevin Weeks, Executive Director of the Trucking Association of Massachusetts.

Is Massachusetts Ready?

In December 2022, the American Transportation Research Institute published Charging Infrastructure Challenges for the US Electric Vehicle Fleet. The study found that full electrification of the US vehicle fleet would require a large percentage of the country's present electricity generation.

Domestic long-haul trucking would use more than 10 percent of the electricity generated in the country today - while an all-electric US vehicle fleet would use more than 40 percent. Some states would need to generate as much as 60 percent more electricity than is presently produced.


Alternative Fuels

Read the latest in alternative fuels including biofuel, CNG, hydrogen, and electric trucks. We've also provided a link to ACT Researches truck fuel calculator and our map of Massachusetts' available resources for fuel.

Trucks Available

See the latest in truck incentives and available units for alternative fuel vehicles on the market. This is updated monthly and has both dealer and direct sale options.


Federal and state policy guides the transfer of traditional diesel vehicle units to alternatives. Keep posted on the latest in Massachusetts policy as it happens. Get involved!

Alternative Fuel Sources in Massachusetts

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